дизайн квартиры 36 кв. м

36 Square Meters

And in bad things, there are positive sides. Divorce and departure, for example, can be seen as an excuse to shake and make a new fun interrier.

In the photo:

Architect Alan Chu made a statement in this project not just as a designer, but also as a psychologist, in a turning point for the customer, he created a veritable modern window of the apartment, literal irony, good mood and good taste. In general, it's quite discreet in color, it's decorated by the bright red accent of the designer refrigerator Smeg, the bright carpet and the funny taxon on the wall. A real bachelor interior: young and again careless.

Subject information:
Place: São Paulo, Brazil
Metage: 36 square metres
Year: 2013
Architect: Alan Chu, Anita Meduna
Photo: Djan Chu

Alan Chu, architect

There are moments in life that can be described as " moving " - an important stage of life has been left behind, and a new life course has not yet been defined. This has also occurred in the lives of a young Brazilian businessman, a tenant of a small apartment in São Paulo, to be addressed: he divorced, moved into a separate nest, and his life has changed until it is clear what's next. Architect Alan Chu, invited to form a temporary apartment, decided to transmit to the client's interior the mood: “We tried to decorate the moment, show that the time of change and self-determination is a great chance for... improvization”. The improvisation of Alan itself has resulted in a witful contemporary Interior of the apartmentso comfortable and positive that the owner of the apartment is at risk of being here for a long time.

Plan. A total area of 36 square metres: practically square in terms of dopplex, classical poetry (downstream of the kitchen house, upstairs, private part consisting of the bedroom and the sanusla), modern style.

Cut. The second floor is just the first floor, solved in the form of a mezzonine and connected to the first round staircase.

The main feature of Alan's project is wood furniture, which is a reminder of the boxes. It's commissioned from the quality wood of the special chamber drying.

Carefully well-designed and fully functional, she's simulated by accident, the kind of boxed boxes, somewhere in the warehouse, which makes the interior light, funny and young.