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Photo Of Apartments With Good Repair

No bail



39 m2

Kitchen 6 m2

33 m2

1 floor from 9

No balcony.

+7 495 763-63. ♪

Show me the phone.

Without bail and covert overpayment, without an agent commission! It's only for actual living! It's a one-month-old FRONT, and it's a five-seven-day cleaning company, BESOLANO! Two-room apartment - Studio in Moscow. The studio apartment is located in a brick house, next to the Belarusian subway, in three minutes of foot walk. There's a quality Euro-renovation, and the windows go out. The proposed apartment is fully equipped with all necessary furniture. For your sleep and rest, there's a convenient two-person round-blooded blood and a two-way couch. There are bed laundry and towels. The apartment is technically checked and ready for comfort, fully staffed. For the convenience of the guests living in the proposed apartment, a high-speed, streetless Internet and cable television on 96 channels was held. There's a VC TV, a city phone, a washing machine, a microwave furnace, an electric kettle, a cliff, a smooth board, a laundry dryer. The kitchen is equipped with a kitchen garrith. All necessary dishes are provided for cooking and eating. Personal hygiene equipment (liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo, wash powder), tea (black and green), coffee, sugar, salt, peppers, paper wipes. Everyone is in the cost of living! Living with children is permitted.

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