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To Rent An Apartment Without Repair

The share of " repairs " in the Moscow rental market is generally only a few per cent, but now it has risen to 10 per cent. Growth was influenced by a large number of investment transactions in the second half of last year: new apartments already appeared on the market, but the owner ' s own repair money was not always available, so they agreed on mutually beneficial options with tenants.

Proposals, when repairs are made by the tenant, are presented by the old housing stock and apartments on the new buildings. According to the Incom Real property rental department, remodelling is most common in the secondary market to 70 per cent.

" New developments show a steady increase in such a proposal from 20 to 30 per cent over the past three years. The reason - active construction of the outskirts of the capital and New Moscow " - is noted in the company ' s communication.

Similar observations are also made by Maria Zhukovova, First Deputy Director of Mael Arenda. According to her, the number of innovations was increasing, but the number of " repairs " in the old fund was still higher. " There is little room for rents to be rented at all without repair. And the tenants of such apartments are very small, because there is no significant benefit. As a rule, people always prefer to rent an apartment at least with minimal repairs, since even the simplest repairs involve a lot of loss of funds, time and nerves.” The expert speaks.

Secondary housing provided under renovation is divided into two categories: apartments suitable for space repairs and non-liquids where global work is needed.

If a small repair is needed, it can be done both at the initiative of the owner and at the request of the lessee if, for example, he likes the location, the plan and the area, but he doesn't like the quality of the repair.

" If apartment repairs Not the need, but simply the desire of the tenant, he will be paid from the tenant ' s funds " , said Maria Zhukova. At normal times, there is no room for discounts in such cases, but in the crisis, " removing " is possible.

A discount on repairs at the tenant ' s request can be about 10 per cent for a few months, a maximum of six months. If repair is necessary and more interested by the owner, a potential lessee may request a greater discount.

Incom-Insolvency specialists indicate a 10 to 40 per cent discount for secondary housing, depending on the complexity of repairs. If housing has been flooded or burned, the cost of repairs will be higher, as appropriate, the rental discount will be greater. In the primary market, the " repair " discount is between 10 and 20 per cent.

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