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Repair At The Communal Flat

Ремонт в коммунальной квартиреBy crossing the threshold of the third millennium, many people in our country still live in public apartments.

We will not consider all aspects of life with neighbours, but we will discuss only one aspect: major repairs in the communal apartment, which entails the repair of common places.

These include the replacement of pipes, plumbing and repair of common premises such as corridors, bathrooms and bathrooms, kitchen. Therefore, prior to the renovation, it is necessary to agree with all neighbours to recover your cost of repairing common locations.

How are investments made in the renovation of every family living in a communal apartment? The total amount required for repairs is divided by the number of residents living in the apartment, irrespective of the number of families.

If all the residents of the apartment have been able to agree on the cost-sharing of repairing common premises, no problems should arise. But this is not always the case, and then you will have to face all the financial and moral pressures associated with the organization and maintenance on your own.

If you have decided to repair the communal flat without the neighbors ' consent, you should contact the ŽES district before any work begins with a view to compiling an Act on the technical condition of the apartment.

On the basis of this Act, which is an objective assessment of the technical condition of the entire residential area, including common areas of use, you will be able to estimate and justify the money required for repairs.

Expert evaluation of ERW workers

If you can't deal with the neighbors again after writing the Act and the estimates, then start. repairs their consent and participation.

After all the work has been completed, based on the expert evaluation of CEW employees by providing all cheques for materials and editing, You will be able to appeal to the court to continue to bring back some of the money spent on repairing common premises.

In the event that you have decided not to make a major but only partial repair, with the replacement of a part of the communication and plumbing, the mechanism for the protection of your rights does not change: complete all necessary acts that will document the need to replace plumbing or general communications. The neighbors can claim that there was no urgent need for repair.

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