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Disein And Repair Of Moscow

Why choose us?

  • It's free. PRA tolerance.
  • 20 years of experiencequality, guarantee 3 years
  • Fair, adequate prices. Estimates Final
  • Projects, harmonization, kit - all One place!
  • Exit Customer managers and designers
  • Demonstration different phases
  • Stable Professional collective
  • Modern technology and materials
  • 90% of our clients recommend to our friends.
  • 40% of orders recommended

Year of Guarantee

Company based in 1996

Our prices are due to the high quality of work. At the same time, our prices are average in Moscow.

We're ready to meet you anywhere in Moscow and Moscow. Although our comfortable and beautiful office is more comfortable, of course!

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Дизайн и ремонт квартиры в ЖК «Вилланж» - Элегантная квартира - виртуальный 3D тур ремонта3D rounds

Panoramic tours of ready repairs. They can be accessed, detailed, approaching objects.

All virtual 3D rounds

Our prices.

The interior is being developed as a design project.

Area Design cost
400 m2 1500 940 //m2
200-400 m2 1620 990 //m2
120-200 m2 1700 1160 //m2
80-120 m2 1750 1250 //m2
up to 80 m2 2140 1498 //m2


We'll tell you how to lower the cost of repair!
up to 500,000

3D visualization

The pictures are the visualization of the future repairs created by our design-project specialists.

All examples 3D

How can we interest you?

Artificial art

  • Customer interests in the design of the interior design. Every client is a co-author. We're not just listening to all your ideas and wishes, but we're gonna put them in a design project, and then we're gonna renovate the apartment.
  • Authorized oversight at all stages of repair. Our engineer architects control all phases of the work to the point of commission.
  • Integrated service delivery: The Vira-Artstroy design studio will receive all necessary redesign documents, align with Moscow control authorities, select suitable materials, arrange supplies and so on.
  • Modern technologies for work: we will select optimal construction materials for you and propose best solutions, establish smart Dom and Multirum systems.
  • Applicable price levels and final estimates: Once the order has been approved, the cost of repairs and interior design will not change.
  • When signing the construction and maintenance contract, the interior design design project is provided free of charge, allowing our clients to save up to 10% of the cost. apartment repairs Or home.
  • We are so confident as to the services offered that after the completion of the work, we issue a three-year guarantee certificate, as well as offer insurance for professional responsibility and performance.

Presentation by Vira-ArthStroy Presentation of Pre-Presence Designer

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