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How To Repair The Apartment With Your Hands

Renovation in the apartment is a real ruble test for most people, especially for those who barely have the money to spend on a daily basis. However, repairs only seem at first sight financially untouched. The RIA Reality Site attempted to put seven points of advice on how to adjust housing even to the modest family budget.

Phased repairs

Many tenants have for decades failed to repair their apartments for two reasons: first, they are afraid of dirt and inconveniences that, in one way or another, arise in the renovation process, but most people are afraid of space amounts that are supposed to have to be spent on the renovation of the house. For example, for many years, this is what was feared of the owner of a single apartment in Samara Olga Dmitrieva, until he was brave enough to slowly update his own apartment with his hands, with a salary of 15,000 roubles. "The most important thing is, when you start planning the repairs, don't wave at all times. It usually happens, and it's a big mistake. It's clear that you want to change everything, but you need to really evaluate your powers and finances and prepare for it to be a long process, it tells Dmitriev. There's something you're doing this month, another one. You can start with something simple, say we wash the batteries and paint them.

It's not too difficult to prioritize the work, it's all in the priority and way of life of the owners of the apartment. "When my wife and I bought the apartment nine years ago, there was almost no money left to repair. And on our hands, a newborn daughter, so we unanimously decided that we'd start to clean up the nursery, then we'd do the plumbing because it's still a hygienic, and then everything else, and share the experience of a programmer in the profession and repairs of the Sémen Rokotov.

First remove the emergency areas
Most of the time, people start to repair on aesthetic grounds, which is not entirely correct. Private family construction workers in Natalia and Sergei Zolotarenko are unanimous in stating that it is first necessary to replace everything that may lead to an accident - wire, plumbing, gas equipment. "All right, if you're locked up or the wiring is short, budget is apartment repairs You're not getting out of here anymore, that's Natalia Goldenko.

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