дизайны интерьеров квартир

Household Interns

In 1942, Mrs. de Florian, fleeing the Second World War, left her apartment in Paris and ran south of France. She never returned to her apartment again. A few years ago, a 91-year-old woman died, then experts were instructed to describe the property of an empty apartment for 70 years.

One of the most impressive discoveries was a picture of a girl written by a famous Italian painter, Giovanni Boldini. Turns out it was Martha de Florian, an artist's muse. From the love note found in the painting and the widow's diary of Boldini, it became known that the painting was written in 1898 when Ms. de Florian was 24 years old. It is remarkable that the owner of the apartment was Martha de Florian's granddaughter. The painting was sold at a $3.4 million auction.