дизайн квартиры в стиле

Minimal Landing

The elegant inconsistency of forms, the enchanted charm of simplicity, the functionality of the environment, the minimism of the interior, makes it possible to create a surprisingly simple, bright and, on an equal footing, a practical environment. It creates a sense of ease and freedom, provides exclusive comfort in living.

The style is based on Japanese culture. Europe Minimalism in the interface It was spread in the second half of the twentieth century. In the post-war years, people sought effective accommodation for comfortable, comfortable housing. The abandonment of large furniture and the excessive number of decorations allowed space to be freed, the creation of an original interior. The simplicity of the situation was exquisite and charming.

Today Minimalism in the interface is a popular, bright direction of modern processing. Talent artists, using natural materials, simple geometric forms and neutral colours, are creating unique designer projects with individuality and a cozy atmosphere with calm, relaxing rest.

Elegance of minimalism in design

In general, minimalism in design is characterized by maximum functionality and simplicity, lack of an excessive number of decorative elements. On an equal footing, simple, bright spaces, arranged according to the directions, attract cozy and comfort.

Despite the seeming simplicity, the design project requires maximum attention, a sense of measure and a number of rules. With all its laconyness, the image of which is presented on the site will help to give an atmosphere of beauty.

The semiton game is the foundation of design in minimism. The main colour is white, supplemented by black, gray, brown or refugee tones. In such colour gamma, non-classical pool interriers may also be established. The additional elements of the decor are metal, glass, brick, tree.